'How wonderful it is that no body
need wait a single moment, before
starting to
improve the world..."
-Anne Frank
"What we love to do and 400,000 reasons why"
The Family & Friends Down Syndrome Association of Niagara County, Inc. a
501c3 organization organized its first Buddy Walk      of Buffalo Niagara in 1996-
97 as their yearly family fun Down Syndrome awareness event in Lewiston , NY.  
This year, we celebrate 22 years and Buddy Walk     in order to continue our
steps to promote positive public awareness, acceptance and inclusion for all
families and their loved one's born with Down syndrome. The National Buddy
Walk     campaign was developed by the National Down Syndrome Society in
1995 to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October and to promote
acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. The Buddy Walk     
has grown from 17 walks in 1995 to over 250 walks planned for 2016 worldwide.
In 2013, a record year of 315,000 participants and nearly 13 million dollars were
raised nationwide to benefit local programs and services, as well as the national
advocacy and public awareness initiatives of NDSS.                            

Locally, we have grown from a small committee of 3 parents in Niagara County
to a network of hundreds of families representing the WNY area. Through our
combined efforts, The DSA of Niagara County is committed:

•   To serve as a resource and support group for new and expectant parents,
individuals living with Down syndrome, and affiliate local organizations.
•   To promote awareness and understanding about the gifts, talents, and
positive contributions that individuals with Down Syndrome make to their
•   To assist in the development of programs and activities that enhance the
quality of ones life and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome in all aspects
of community life including education, employment, leisure and recreation,
quality health care, transportation, and independent living opportunities;
•   To support nationwide research efforts to find cures and improve medical
intervention that will enhance the lives of millions of people living with
congenital health problems directly related to Down syndrome.
•  To provide a fun end of summer event bringing families together to celebrate
and form lasting friendships.

There are more than 400,000 people living with Down Syndrome in the United
States today. Millions of people’s lives are touched by someone with Down
Syndrome including family members, educators, employers, health care
professionals, peers, and others. Down Syndrome affects people of all ages,
races, and economic levels. It is the most common chromosomal alteration  
accounting for about one in every 691 live births. Quality education programs, a
stimulating home environment, good medical care, and positive support from
family, friends, and the community at large enable people with Down Syndrome
to develop their full potential and lead fulfilling lives as contributing members of

Please help us to continue to reach our neighboring communities and families.
We are asking for your support this year by getting the word out about The 18th
Annual Buddy Walk of Buffalo-Niagara and join us on this day of our
celebration. Your support will certainly make a difference in reaching more
families and continue our mission, thank you!

All contributions are happily accepted and should be remitted with our brochure
form to The Family & Friends Down Syndrome Association of Niagara, Inc., and
submitted to PO Box 159 Lewiston, NY 14092.    
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Our Board Members

Christine Vescio-Sirianni

Vice President
Debbie Fleck

Bobbie Trunzo-Meredith

Honorary Vice President
and Treasurer
Anne Farley-Kaphingst

Event Chairperson
Rich Meredith III